The project consortium brings together partners from the game and sensors development industry, informatics private sector and the academia, in an attempt to create innovation framework for documentation and promotion of human creativity and culture at the Archaeological Museum of Patras, Greece.

Project supervisor:

Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP)/Athena Research Centre, Xanthi Branch, Greece

ILPSP conducts basic and applied research on a wide range of IT technologies, particularly in the fields of linguistic and cultural technology and multimedia. In GRE-Taste, ILSP focuses on research and pilot development in information organisation and semantics, visual recognition of dishes and menus through mechanical vision and deep learning techniques as well as personalized search and visual evaluation interfaces.

Project scientific coordinator:

Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaia (Ep.A.Acha), Patra, Greece

In Evrinomi Ep.A.Acha will be the carrier that will prepare and provide the appropriate content for the project, as well as will exploit and evaluate all the produced systems.

Project partners are:

Optimum Informatics, Komotini, Greece

In Evrinomi Optimum will deal with the development of the project’s information systems, from backend to final pilot applications. Optimum will implement the algorithms developed by the research teams and will integrate all the subsystems. Optimum will be responsible for optimising the systems after their evaluation.

Senseworks, Ioannina, Greece

In Evrinomi Sensworks will deal with the development of the required sensors systems, beacons etc. Also Sensworks will implement the algorithms for the communication of the sensors and the applications.

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